Cross Culture Quizzes

Cross Culture Quizzes

C.R.O.S.S. Culture invites you to know more about intercultural competence: Please feel free to try the quizzes! Enjoy and have fun!

Quiz 1: What is intercultural competence?

What do you see on each?

Please have a look at the 4 Pictures above for a few seconds. What do you see on each?


Right answers

A: an old woman and young woman | B: two faces and a vase | C: a woman and a man play saxophone | D: a rabbit and a duck



What does this example mean in intercultural context?

Intercultural competence involves the ability to acquire knowledge about foreign cultures, to reflect the own home culture, to coordinate culturally divergent action schemes and the ability to put themselves in foreign cultures.

A differentiated and sensitive perception and an understanding of the foreign culture and the native culture are as important as a positive attitude free from prejudices and stereotypes and knowledge about the foreign culture. If you live abroad, it is useful to be open-minded and to change your point of view or your perspective.

Quiz 2:

Communication – Etiquette!

Quiz 3:

Good to know about Germany!

Quiz 4:

Good to know about China!